Weekly Wrap Up – 25/02/19-03/03/19

Hey guys. Today I am sharing my reading wrap up and book haul from the last week. Feel free to let me know what you think of any of the books I mention in this post.

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Weekly Wrap Up – 18/02/19-24/02/19

Hey guys. I thought I would start doing weekly wrap ups, where I will share the books I have read and the books I have acquired over the week. I have previously done monthly book hauls and monthly reading wrap ups, but I found that didn’t really work for me, so I thought I would try this. Enjoy.

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March Wrap Up

Hello friends 🙂 Welcome to my March Wrap Up. I read 15 books in March, and I have no idea how I did that, because I had so much work to do for college, but I managed it, and I am impressed with myself. Especially considering the fact that I didn’t read anything for an entire week because I wasn’t feeling the book I was on at the time. Anyway, lets get started:

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February Wrap Up :)


Hey guys! So this month I read 9 books, which I am really pleased about 🙂 I think I actually read most of them in the first week and a half of February, which is shocking. But since then I’ve been feeling kinda slumpy and I had to focus on finishing my coursework so it took me about a week and a half to finish the last book I read this month. It was a long book though, and I’m ahead on my goodreads challenge, so I don’t mind too much. So anyway, without further ado, here is what I read in February:

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